Kindness In The City

Paris is a delightfully beautiful city, it can however also be an astonishingly  challenging city, everyone seemingly going about their business with no regard of others or their call of need. I have heard and read many a story where people have been in need of help and found the...Read More

New Year Reflections

The new calendar year approaches, the television, radio and social media are intent on not letting the end of the year pass without a grand farewell. What were your thoughts as 2013 was drawing to a close?  Were you celebrating the end of the year or...Read More

Resilience in a Challenging World

Paris feeling the heart of the world, supporting and caressing it during a historically heart breaking, difficult week. The bloody attack to Frances sense of Liberty was shaken to its roots with the “Je suis Charlie” massacre. Yet just some days later the people of France from...Read More

Expatriate Life – Asking The Question “Who Am I?”

Who am I? A question often unconsciously asked in our teens, then again in our twenties, and frequently becoming a conscious question in our thirties. Until finally we reach the 40-something age bracket with a strong sense of who we are. Moving to another country, culture and language, we may well find...Read More

Emotional States & The Good Life

New research from the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology in Glasgow postulates there are 4 primary emotional states: happiness, anger, sadness and fear from which more complex emotions are derived. It is these four primary emotional states that envelope and...Read More

Expatriate Life – New Beginnings

A Wonderous Yet Difficult Time.You’ve finally arrived in Paris, and have a new home. You smile with delight when you first spot the Eiffel Tower twinkling at night. You are full of desire of exploration and wonderment at this beautiful...Read More