Wendy-Ann is a coach and psychologist, registered psychologist in Australia and France. She has a Diplôme de master en Psychologie and is an early adopter of coaching & positive psychology, a trained executive - life coach, an accredited workshop facilitator of LEGO® Serious Play® for positive psychology coaching, solution-focused executive coaching and author of numerous chapters and editor of two significant publications for the coaching profession - a listing of her publications are here. She is a co-founder of the Ethics Coaching Forum, where she led and managed the first conference dedicated to ethics in coaching. Wendy-Ann is a Visiting Fellow, Centre for Positive Psychology, Buckinghamshire New University. She founded Eclorev, a coaching consultancy practice based in the Paris region, to facilitate the creation of thriving communities and enhance wellbeing in the workplace. She regularly delivers workshops and education to a number of higher education institutions and organisations globally.

Previously in her native country Australia, Wendy-Ann founded Inspirations Coaching and Development, a personal development coaching and counselling practice, and also provided consulting to employment assistance programs. She has also co-facilitated group solution-focused coaching with university students at the University of Wollongong and positive psychology workshops for the general public at the University of Sydney.

A dynamic, pragmatic coach and facilitator, Wendy-Ann coaches to develop and empower ladies, from the executive to the expatriate entrepreneur and home carer. Additionally, Wendy-Ann designs and delivers tailored workshops and courses based on the principles and practices of positive psychology coaching to empower and enhance wellbeing of various communities.

Recipients of her coaching and trainings are: expatriates, ladies in business, high school & university students, postgraduate professionals & executives.

Drawing on her knowledge and coaching knowledge and skills from an array areas such as psychology, coaching psychology, positive psychology and organisational scholarship, cutting through the noise to creatively inspire self-reflection, build awareness and support personal and professional growth for her clients and providing consulting services to organisations. Her offerings are:

  • executive coaching,
  • resilience and wellbeing (in the workplace and higher education),
  • strengths co-coaching development,
  • co-development.

Wendy-Ann also works actively with professionals and is particularly passionate about supporting women in business through coaching and mentoring in personal development, entrepreneurship, and maintaining balance and wellbeing.

View Wendy-Ann’s publications here.

Alongside her practice, Wendy-Ann is an avid photographer, regular volunteer, and curious traveler. Her volunteer experiences have encompassed supporting and coordinating evacuation centres during emergency evacuations with the Red Cross Australia.

More recently, using her photography, IT creative and communication skills to build an on online presence, lead and manage projects to raise funds for those in need. Additionally, she has held various executive positions, such as membership coordinator and president of a Lions Club in France. 

Wendy-Ann is also a member of:

  • Association of Coaching,
  • International Coaching Psychology Association,
  • International Positive Psychology Association,
  • European Positive Psychology Association,
  • Institute of Coaching.

Wendy-Ann has attained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Wollongong, post graduate diploma in Executive Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney, a diploma of Management and Leadership, and a diploma of Training and Assessment from TAFE New South Wales.

* Australian Psychological Board Registration No: PS0104807
French Psychology Registration Numéro français : ADELI 78931225

The British Psychological Society No: 260332


Coaching education and development to
Evoke Self Reflection, Challenge to Evolve, To Create, To be the Leader of You and Your Life



Eclorev is a mélange of 3 words originating in French.

The first being Éclore meaning to hatch, and all that hatching signifies. Think of the caterpillar who first appears by hatching from an egg. At the point of readiness, the caterpillar creates its protective shell, that is spins a shiny silky cocoon around itself, where in the caterpillar undergoes a metamorphosis to a butterfly. The butterfly then flies freely continuing to grow and flourish with purpose and meaning.

The second being Rêver meaning to dream. It is the courageous who dare to dream, bigger than themselves. The courageous can be quiet or loud, show great strength, in all grace as it pursues the metamorphosis to the butterfly state.

The third being Révéler meaning to reveal. With greater self-understanding, learning and practising new skills, working with what is best in you, to reveal your 'best and whole self'.

Eclorev symbolises much of the process and outcome of Positive Psychology Coaching.