Wellbeing at Home


 Wellbeing at Home ~

Positive Education for Anglophone Parents

Workshop Focus: Character Strengths & Family Friendly Yoga

Enjoy an introduction to family friendly yoga and positive psychology of strengths to increase wellbeing and happiness at home.

This workshop will guide you to:

Discover strength spotting strategies

Recognise when a strength is presented as a weakness

Explore strategies to practice strengths use at home

Learn yoga techniques to support physical wellbeing and promote quality time together

Connect with like-minded parents around Paris

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Retreat, Illuminate, Animate

Retreat, Illuminate, Animate

Welcome to 'Retreat, Illuminate, Animate' intensive  workshops for women and men to discover, support and guide your authentic self.

A choice of four seasonal themed workshops with various locations and packages available.

~Spring to You~        ~Summer Release~      ~Autumn Delights~        ~Winter Warmth~

The one day intensive workshops are designed to give you researched-based skills to enhance your well-being and embrace a rich and valued life. Wendy, your coaching psychologist for the day is registered  in France and Australia, she provides the non judgemental space and many years of coaching to support you in your day of  reflection and discovery. The programs are based on a variety of psychological approaches and practices with a strong contribution from positive psychology, and traditional coaching psychology applications.

Activities take the form of writing, drawing, mindfulness and reflective alone time for deeper reflection on various identified concepts for great clarity and setting a course for the way forward.

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Summer Release Afternoon

Summer Release Coaching Afternoon

~Summer Release~

An intensive 1.5 hr introductory practical workshop designed for you to find release from daily stressors, enhance your well-being and grow your resilience muscle.

  • Preview a model of Well-Being and Resilience
  • Learn and practice strategies to increase your awareness and resilience
  • Activities take the form of writing, drawing, mindfulness and reflective time for deeper reflection
  • Activities are planned to be completed individually, in pairs and the larger group

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12 Lessons You Learn or Regret Forever by Dr. Travis Bradberry


Do you have your own business or are you thinking of creating one? Travis Bradberry, Ph.D., gives you 12 tips in this article, lessons he learned the hard way. Here are a couple: self-confidence comes first; squash your negative self-talk; focus on being productive rather that busy; don’t say yes unless you really want to. Find out the others in the article…

12 Lessons You Learn or Regret Forever by Dr. Travis Bradberry


Self-Control is an Impactful Aspect of Positive Leadership. How Can You Strengthen Your Self-Control?


Research has shown that self-control is a resource you tap into and needs to be regularly replenished. Low self-control of leaders creates more unethical behaviour and reduces job productivity. Here are 3 tips to replenish your self-control resources:



1)    Getting good quality sleep and being able to nap or relax when working long hours

2)    Too much “Service with a smile” becomes counter productive. It works better to be genuinely empathetic as that way you do not use up your self-control resources

3)    Create a positive ethical company culture

Self-Control is an Impactful Aspect of Positive Leadership. Find 3 Tips to Amplify Your Self-Control