Nourishing Coaches: Wellbeing for Sustainable Practice

Virtual Reflective Groups for Coaches


The reflective groups facilitated by Wendy-Ann Smith & Marian Rosefield & Stephanie McCarthy will provide the space for you to engage, reflect and create to nourish yourself and your coaching with the science of wellbeing and ethical reflection.

Workshop series overview

At the heart of professional and personal lives are ethics. Reflective practice groups are essential for enhancing self-awareness, identity formation, learning and how wellbeing is the cornerstone of ethical practice in coaching practice. Furthermore, reflection can contribute to emotional intelligence, strengths identification and resilience, which are crucial for integrating wellbeing knowledge to enhance and maintain wellbeing and to support the prevention of burnout in coaching professionals. Experienced coaches have found their development process to be a cyclical process of reflection, identify and understand learnings, test learnings in action and reflect on the experience and understood outcomes for the self and others. This ‘Nourishing Coaches’ reflective workgroup series emphasises continuous personal, professional, and ethical growth, focusing on the interplay between the science of wellbeing and ethical practice to support sustainable practice.

The goals of this workshop are:

  • Support coaches to critically reflect on their learning practices
  • Increase awareness of ethics and its relationships including wellbeing and decision-making processes
  • Understand and work with emotions and strengths of the self and within the coaching
  • Facilitate coaches to engage in reflective ethical thinking, set learning goals and actions

New groups commencing September 2024.

Maximum 6 attendees

Groups will run for 2 hrs each x 4 meetings = 8hrs.

Plus 30 mins reflective writing in own time after each meeting.

Investment: 700 euros per person.

If you have a group of 6 arranged to attend, let Wendy-Ann know in your email of enquiry to learn of the discount.

2024 Dates: Tuesdays Commencing September 3 & 10, October  15 &  22

Choose your time zone

Sth East Asia: 9am CET - 5pm GMT - 12am PST

Europe: 3pm CET - 2pm GMT - 6am PST

Americas: 6pm CET - 5pm GMT - 9am PST

2025 Dates: Thursday Commencing January 9, 23 & February 20 & 27  

Choose your time zone

Sth East Asia: 9am CET - 5pm GMT - 12am PST

Europe: 3pm CET - 2pm GMT - 6am PST

Americas: 6pm CET - 5pm GMT - 9am PST


Wendy-Ann is a coach, psychologist, coach supervisor educator, researcher of coach development and author of positive psychology, coaching psychology and practical ethics. She uses her psychology and coaching acumen to cut through the noise and provide a space for reflection, where your ideas can crystallise. Read more about her work here.

Stephanie is a practitioner, educator, and coach who partners with leaders, teams, groups, and fellow coaches to generate greater clarity, congruence, and connection. Often recognized for her warmth and presence, Stephanie practices and contributes to the broader coaching field at the intersection of wellbeing, compassion, and belonging. Read more about her work here.

Marian is an EMCC Accredited Coach (senior practitioner), Coaching Supervisor, Positive Psychology Practitioner, Facilitator, Trainer, Reiki Master and MHFA. Since 2001, she has been creating an increasingly evidence-based practice, offering a flexible, reflective, safe, and appreciative space, with compassion and a love of learning underpinning her work. Building on her Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, she brings the science of well-being to life with humour and curiosity and has a particular interest in helping coaches avoid, navigate and/or recover from compassion fatigue and burnout. Read more about her work here.

Nourishing Groups is currently under review for International Coaching Federation (ICF) CCE scheme.