Virtual Reflective Groups for Coaches

Ethics and wellbeing for coach development

In need of nourishing? Wish to grow into your coaching? Claim CCE points for ethical development?

The reflective groups facilitated by Wendy-Ann will provide the space and engagement for you to engage, reflect and create to nourish yourself and your coaching.

Workshop series overview

Coach ethicality and practice maturity are hinged on a well-developed capacity to reflect, identify, and understand their learnings, have a strong rationale for their chosen course of action and reflect again. This series of workshops will focus on the need and how coaches continuously learn and grow personally, professional, and also within their coaching practice. At the heart of coaching is ethics, this workshop series will support coaches to critically reflect on ethical dilemmas, how wellbeing is the cornerstone of ethical practice, working with strengths and emotions of the self and within the coaching, develop reflective practice with learning goals for the self and within the coaching.

New groups commencing September 2023.

Maximum 6 attendees

Groups will run for 1.5 hrs each  x 4 meetings.

Plus 30 mins reflective writing in own time after each meeting.

Investment: 300 euros per person. Contact Wendy-Ann to negotiate fee and time if you have a group of six.

Dates: November 2023 - February 2024

Choose your time zone

Sth East Asia: 9am CET

Europe: 3pm CET

Americas: 6pm CET


Wendy-Ann is a coach, psychologist, coach supervisor educator, researcher of coach development and author of positive psychology, coaching psychology and practical ethics.

She uses her psychology and coaching accumen to cut through the noise and provide a space for reflection, where your ideas can crystallise.

To enquire and join her online coach development groups email:

Nourishing Groups is currently under review for International Coaching Federation (ICF) CCE scheme.