The Ever Changing Expatriate Emotional Barometer

The expatriate life is filled with many experiences, both delightful and challenging. Most will fill you with a wondrous, happy emotional state. Others will be bumpy, inducing a negative mood.  This see-sawing of emotions as you navigate the expatriate life’s challenges and delights can be tiresome, it may induce insecurity, tap away at your confidence and cause you to doubt your decision-making abilities. You may begin to feel insecure, question how well you know your-self, overall having a negative affect on your overall well-being.

One antidote to this see-sawing of emotions is to create a list of your known feel good activities, those activities that recharge your batteries, that give you breathing space and joy. Add a few items that you have always wanted to try.

Keep this list easily available, ready to reference when you find yourself doubting, questioning and feeling your emotional barometer is a little low, even for just a day.

For example

  • Being an introvert you enjoy spending time walking alone to rejuvenate, sort through your troubles and ease your mind
  • Being an extrovert you seek the company of good friends to talk through your concerns or just have a good time.
  • Going on a day long road trip alone or with someone
  • Doing something for someone else or the community
  • Playing sport, going for a run / walk / dancing
  • Writing a journal / reading a book
  • Phoning home / best friend
  • Meditation / Pray
  • Gratitude / forgiveness
  • Ask for help from a friend or a therapist

So, while you navigate the highs and lows of expatriate life, be sure to remain aware and action anyone or more of your feel good activities.

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