The Better Self

What would your better self look like? Would it be much different to how you see yourself now? 

Life is a journey of experiences that help form our opinions, actions and reactions. It can often happen that these experiences create who we are without leaving the time to reflect and learn the lessons that are there for the taking. We just keep jumping from one life experience, one hurdle, however beautiful or ugly, to another.  The ugly hurdle has us wondering when it will all end, what life is all about. The beautiful can pass us by so quickly.   

Again the question pervades; what would your better self look like? 

The new calendar year has come and gone. The resolutions you made are partially achieved or forgotten in the hurriedness of life. Yet here we are at another “New Year” juncture:  the end of the European school year. The summer break is upon us, with September approaching fast where all daily life activities will be renewed with zest.  

Yet still this question begs to be answered; what would your better self look like? 

What lessons have you learnt over the past 6 months? How far have you come with your New Year’s resolutions? Are they still relevant in their current form? 

The summer break is a great time to enjoy the moment, relax and rejuvenate. It is also a great time to give thought to what it would take to be the “Best You” come 2014-2015. What are your strengths? How will you cultivate these strengths to be your better self and live a valued life – your valued life?  

It is all too easy when contemplating change to think that it is insurmountable. Yet it is the very small things that can have the greatest impact on you and how you live your life and move towards your envisioned “Better Self”. 

Could it be you wish to spend more time with your partner during the evening or take up a long-desired hobby? Where can you find the time? An easy time-wasting activity, though very often a necessary activity, are emails and social media. It is all too easy to spend many an hour browsing social media, checking and rechecking emails several times a day.  

We all wish for more time in our day. If you were to check your emails just one time per day for say half an hour to an hour (depending on how busy your email life is), how much more time would you have for other activities that are important to you? Or, perhaps it would be more useful to check into social media just once or twice a day for a set period of time.  

Give it ago.  Have a look. What small changes can you make in your daily life to help you move towards your “Better Self”?

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