Self-Care for Women

Womanhood, the challenge! Too often as women we find our lives determined by circumstance. Juggling the roles of partner, mum, daughter, and a myriad others, it is all too easy to lose sight of your needs, playfulness, creativity, aspirations and direction in amongst the demands of others.

The argument can women have it all, I wont venture into here. I will however, suggest it is up to women to create their personal pathways to a Flourishing life. Purposeful attention to personal actions of self-care improves wellbeing and promotes the wellbeing of significant others, through definition and action to goals both personal and family oriented goals, knowing and utilising strengths, harnessing learning to develop new strengths and a myriad of other positive psychological tools. Additionally the follow on affect is the potential to positively influence the wellbeing of those significant relationships held dear; our husband, wife, partner, children, extended family and friends. I would suggest there is the potential to positively influence and effect relationships with colleagues.

What action have you taken today to enhance your wellbeing? How do you see that manifesting in your relationships and your balance of caring and supporting others and yourself? Is this manifestation in accordance with your values and personal life vision?

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