Below is a detailed listing of previous courses, workshops and retreats. We are happy to have a chat about them, just send us an email.

Key Notes, Seminars and Conferences

Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology - Best Friends

~ Open public lecture at University of Lisbon, exploring the relationship of coaching psychology and positive psychology

Positive Psychology for Wellbeing: Teachers and Students

~ Keynote presentation to high school students and teachers on Positive Psychology for Wellbeing


Practical tools for resilient parents with teenagers

~ A workshop for anglophone parents to support their resilience growth and of their children. 


~ An intensive series of wellbeing and workplace preparedness workshops for the international workplace environment.

Wellbeing at Home

~ An introduction to family friendly yoga and positive psychology and your strengths to increase wellbeing and happiness at home.

Mentoring Workshop for Ladies in Business

~ An intensive workshop for Lady Entrepreneurs, providing group mentoring and a coaching framework and coordinating the creation and maintenance of mentoring groups.

Summer Release Coaching 

~ A workshop for community members to reflect and set goals for the coming Autumn season.

Ladies Creating Meaningful Expatriate Lives

~Series of themed coaching and positive psychology based workshops to support expatriate ladies create meaningful expatriate lives.

Reflect, Collect, Project

~Series of workshops focusing on expatriate wellbeing based on Positive Psychology theory and practices

Retreat, Illuminate, Animate

~Series of themed coaching and wellbeing workshops for expatriate ladies, based on Positive Psychology theory and practices


Executive Co-Development Coaching

~Facilitate co-development coaching for identified leadership talent. 

Strengths Co-Coaching Development

~Facilitate co-coaching development for lady entrenpreneurs. 


Positive Leadership

~An intensive theoretical and experiential personal development course based on theory and practices from positive psychology focusing on leadership.

Resilience at Work

~An intensive self development course to increase your resilience in your working life.

Strengths and Emotions for Positive Psychology

~Executive Master of Positive Psychology course, exploring character strengths and emotional wellbeing.

Coaching Psychology for Positive Psychology

~Executive Master of Positive Psychology course exploring models of coaching psychology and the use of Lego® Serious Play®

Coaching Psychology, Character Strengths & Emotions

~Executive Master of Positive Psychology course exploring models of coaching psychology, character strengths and emotions in the coaching context. 

Know Thyself

~Self development intensive experiential positive psychology coaching course, including mindfulness.

Conflict Management

~An intensive theoretical and experiential personal development course focused on management of conflict in the workplace.


Exam Stress Management - Resilience and Wellbeing

~An education and coaching workshop to support final year students in identify and plan their exam preparation needs.  

Wellbeing Leadership Coaching Retreats

One Day Life Leadership Pause

~A day retreat for lady leaders to take time for themselves to create balance and thriving lives. Theory and methods based on Positive Psychology Coaching.

Empower Your Leadership

~A one day retreat for Lady leaders to have time out to reflect on their practices and learn theory and methods of positive psychology coaching in leadership.

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