Christmas Alone in the City of Lights

It is getting near that time of year. The lights are up but not yet turned on. Decorations are spanning the width and length of the avenues, silently waiting to glow and light the cold wintery nights. It can’t be far away now. Your thoughts...Read More

The Ever Changing Expatriate Emotional Barometer

The expatriate life is filled with many experiences, both delightful and challenging. Most will fill you with a wondrous, happy emotional state. Others will be bumpy, inducing a negative mood.  This see-sawing of emotions as you navigate the expatriate life’s challenges and delights can be tiresome, it may induce insecurity, tap away...Read More

The Better Self

What would your better self look like? Would it be much different to how you see yourself now? Life is a journey of experiences that help form our opinions, actions and reactions. It can often happen that these experiences create who...Read More

Expatriate Life – Asking The Question “Who Am I?”

Who am I? A question often unconsciously asked in our teens, then again in our twenties, and frequently becoming a conscious question in our thirties. Until finally we reach the 40-something age bracket with a strong sense of who we are. Moving to another country, culture and language, we may well find...Read More

Resilience in a Challenging World

Paris feeling the heart of the world, supporting and caressing it during a historically heart breaking, difficult week. The bloody attack to Frances sense of Liberty was shaken to its roots with the “Je suis Charlie” massacre. Yet just some days later the people of France from...Read More