Five Principles of Positive Psychology by Sue Langley

Sue Langley, creator of the world’s first government accredited Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing, summarizes Positive Psychology through 5 key principles:

1)    Abundance – using the abundance lens helps people to thrive

2)    Virtues and strengths – building on strengths and how to develop them further can only make us flourish

3)    Positive deviance – we should strive to reprogram our instinctive human negative bias and focus on the positive

4)    Flourishing and languishing – as they are not opposites, people should work on both these points at the same time

5)    Happiness and wellbeing – there are 5 main factors to develop known as PERMA: positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment.

Five Principles of Positive Psychology by Sue Langley

Leadership – 5 Impactful Tips to Create Strength-based Habits at Your Workplace

Frequent recognition and encouragement will boost productivity 40% while focusing on employees’ strength and revealing the hope in a difficult situation will raise motivation. What strengths can you use to move through a difficult work situation?

5 Tips to Focus on Strengths, by Sarah Lewis M.Sc. C.Psychol

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