Retreat, Illuminate, Animate

Retreat, Illuminate, Animate

Welcome to 'Retreat, Illuminate, Animate' intensive  workshops for women and men to discover, support and guide your authentic self. 

A choice of four seasonal themed workshops with various locations and packages available.

~Spring to You~        ~Summer Release~      ~Autumn Delights~        ~Winter Warmth~

The one day intensive workshops are designed to give you researched-based skills to enhance your well-being and embrace a rich and valued life. Wendy, your coaching psychologist for the day is registered  in France and Australia, she provides the non judgemental space and many years of coaching to support you in your day of  reflection and discovery. The programs are based on a variety of psychological approaches and practices with a strong contribution from positive psychology, and traditional coaching psychology applications. 

Activities take the form of writing, drawing, mindfulness and reflective alone time for deeper reflection on various identified concepts for great clarity and setting a course for the way forward.

Why participate in a Retreat, Illuminate, Animate workshop?

  • take time just for you
  • to discover more about you
  • check in on where you are at in life
  • have a look at what's working and what isn't
  • increase confidence to be 'you'
  • to pamper yourself psychologically and physically
Retreat, Illuminate, Animate retreats are currently held in 3 locations. A delightful country house in Lille a quick train trip from Paris, with or without spa and massage. The Chateau of Villotran is just over an 1hours drive north west of Paris, and finally a day in the parks in central Paris and surrounds for individuals and friends and small groups.

Commence and Finish at 10h - 15:30h, packages with extras have a later finish time.

✵Morning - afternoon refreshments and lunch are included in all retreats. 








La Verdière, Lille, a tranquil elegant country house is a delightful setting for re-energising.

Why not stay the night, continue your pause with more delights from the spa, perhaps see a little of Lille while you are in the area!

Château de Villotran, just a 45 min drive North West of Paris, this delightful 18th century château sitting amongst woods is a tranquil setting in the small village of Villotran, lending itself to a calm 'one day intermission'.

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