ECLOREV is a mélange of 3 words originating in French.

The first being Éclore meaning to hatch, and all that hatching signifies. Think of the caterpillar who first appears by hatching from an egg. At the point of readiness, the caterpillar creates its protective shell, that is spins a shiny silky cocoon around itself, where in the caterpillar undergoes a metamorphosis to a butterfly. The butterfly then flies freely continuing to grow and flourish with purpose and meaning.

The second being Rêver meaning to dream. It is the courageous who dare to dream, bigger than themselves. The courageous can be quiet or loud, show great strength, in all grace as it pursues the metamorphosis to the butterfly state.

The third being Révéler meaning to reveal. With greater self-understanding, learning and practising new skills, working with what is best in you, to reveal your 'best and whole self'.

ECLOREV symbolises much of the process and outcome of Positive Psychology Coaching.