Mentoring and Coaching Workshops

Mentoring and Coaching Workshops for Women in Business 

Wendy's workshop to put in place and run a peer-mentoring group was clear, with a detailed methodology and insightful tips. It was a bonus to have her set it up for the Femmepreneurs association.

The mentoring group from the program orchestrated by Wendy, has become a pivotal and important pause in my month.  It allows me assess the growth of my business, put in place plans for the future and to be held accountable by other members.   
Wendy organised us into groups and gave us some ground rules to work with.  We have been meeting now for nearly two years and will continue into the future. 
Thanks for giving us the momentum to get started.  
Libby Discors 
Wendy had a bright idea to start mentoring groups for our female network. I've had two different groups already and am currently starting my third. She explained what the benefits could be and how to use smart goals. Each group then set their own rules.
As she had explained, the external, kind, eye on our businesses and exchange of ideas helped us all move forvard. As independent entrepreneurs, being accountable to others than ourselves made us advance fast.
Thank you, Wendy, for coaching us!

Viveca Llorens