Coaching through Covid-19

During the pandemic of Covid -19, a time of great disruption to every day life we strive to cope, to create meaningful lives and find a way forward to a satisfying personal and professional life post confinement.

Eclorev is providing online coaching with a 30% discount on all individual online coaching during Covid - 19 confinement.

As you navigate through the challenges, stress and uncertainty of today’s life coaching will support your efforts for strong psychological wellbeing, creating a life of joy and meaning now and going forward.

Wendy-Ann an Australian and French registered psychologist and an author and trained coach in evidenced based, solution focused life and executive coaching from the University of Sydney, invites you to join her for virtual coaching.

More information about Wendy-Ann’s professional profile is available on her website:


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The platforms available for coaching are Zoom and Skype. 

Workplace Wellbeing, Personal Development and Positive Leadership

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Eclorev provides 1 - to - 1 coaching in person or electronically,  group coaching, training and co-development coaching groups.

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