"I had the pleasure to meet Wendy when she was delivering a part of the Positive Psychology Coaching module of the Anglia Ruskin University MAPP, which I was attending. Her experience in the field of coaching psychology and teaching was visible in her clear definitions, explanations and examples. During the individual supervision, I was impressed by her easiness in formulating questions and her capacity to build rapport and make me feel at ease. During that session I could clarify how to use better my strengths as a coach. If it would be to name just one thing I have learned from her is that in evidence based coaching, the coach must « know why they are doing what their doing »."

Participant DM

Current - Best Self at work illustrated through Lego. 

Authenticity, a desk to work alone, but also in front of others, the mind being open and creative exemplied by the orange hats. Work space organised and in order.

Future- Best Self at work illustrated through Lego.

The addition of the cart in the background is the collaborators, the professional network, guiding, supporting projecting forward. All minds working together being creative, still with authenticity and honesty.

Expressing myself through Lego was a good experience for me, it really permitted me to think about time where I could have used the lessons I learned during this course, and actually improve the situation I was in.

Participant ES

I did not really know what to expect from this course when I arrived in the morning, but I am glad I took this course because it really taught me a lot about gratitude, positive emotions, mindfulness, goals settings and ways to reach them, optimism… It was really interesting and I will do everything as possible to make these methods into practice. Thank you very much !!

Participant VB

The reason why I chose to build this is because I personally think that smile and non-verbal communication are the main and most important things in the professional and personal life.

Represents a challenge I succeeded. At the beginning, I felt like being in a trap like I didn’t know how to deal with negotiation, sells, customer relation.. But I learned and reach the “mountain”and succeeded my internship.

I would like to thank you very much for your time for this course. I felt in confidence when you asked questions to help me find my own answers.

Participant VF

I’m on my leader chair. On the right hand I have a flag which represent rules of the company show them that in order to perform well we all have to respect these rules either our role in the company. In the left hand, I have the light to show them that they can trust me I will show them the path to follow. Also, I have stairs in front of my chair, to show to my team that I’m open to discuss with them and listen their ideas. These stairs also show that being a leader is possible for every one you just have to work on it and give your best.

I always had the leader’s image of the chief with the people who were following him. But I realized that it can not be efficient. In all situations, they managed to overcome the challenge because they figured it out together, as a team. All of them were leaders and acted like this at one point of the situation. I realized that we do not need specific leaders in all situations, group projects or also personal situation.

Above all these things, what I learned from this course that I really like is how to say thanks. At the first time showing gratitude to other people, I felt a little bit abnormal and hard to find anything to say. I could not think of what to give to my colleagues. However, from that time on, as being encouraged to say thanks to other people, I was more focused on everything to find what others did for me in order to remember to express my gratitude for them later. And as a result, in the last session today, I could write three thank-you letters in a row without any difficulty as I already know who why and how to say thanks. It is a valuable experience that I treasure a lot.

Participant TQ

Thanks to the several strengths recognition games we made, I learned to reflect deeper about these “pre-existing capacities” and it will certainly impact future situations in my personal and work life. Indeed, I think that in life it is much more easy to get influenced by our weaknesses or negative energy than be aware of our real strengths in order to make them valuable and positive for us.

Participant VF

Thank you Wendy for your open mindedness, for listening with attention and goodwill to everything we had to say and always being comprehensive, never judgemental.

Participant ST

What I liked with this first course was the fact that we dug deeper when analyzing our strengths. It’s quite common in some courses to talk about them but it’s often staying on the surface, not really telling us what it brings to us, how they are important for us.

 Overall this course gave me even more confidence in the feeling I have that you change the world first by changing yourself and your behavior. A positive influence in the way we saw it in the course can be even more powerful that trying to change the things that are around us. I also want to mention the notion of “empowerment”. For me it’s maybe the most important notion in social interactions. By adopting a positive and inspiring behavior when communicating with someone, you make this person with whom you interact feel confident, feel considered and estimated at an important value. With that he will act in a way that benefits the world.

Participant AD

I learned from this workshop is the fact that I managed to identify this flux point between the boredom and the anxiety. Unconsciously, I was always seeking this flux point without even being aware of it.

Most importantly, this flux point is the key to find my path: you said at a moment that the moments when you reach it are significant about our interests and passion. I quickly thought about it and realized that these moments are all linked with communication and sharing. My real interest is to share to other people what I’ve experienced and learned.

I learned from this session and especially from you that I had to find beyond this need of sharing. I needed to find my purpose in life by asking other people who experienced my sharing, what did they got out of my sharing.

Participant AB

 One of my leadership strengths is gratitude. But I never saw the benefits of it as that important. For example, when we did the thank you notes in class, I saw how people going from a “do not care estate” to a “I am so happy” when they received a gratitude card. Suddenly, people become more satisfied! 

 Participant TLR

To my mind, the main learning point of the day is the Happiness Dashboard we discover in class. This is really interesting for me because I really didn’t know that happiness could be measured and then give a result on someone behavior. When I chose the “positive leadership” class I never thought about this side of leadership, but after listening to your class I realized that happiness is essential! Happiness is linked to emotion and so I learned that to measure happiness the dashboard measure 6 indicators: energy level, emotions reservoir, time balance, ladder of life domain satisfaction, stress counter and eudaimonic well-being. Positive emotions impact on positive leadership.

Participant GM