Strengths Based Co-Coaching & Development

Strengths based Co-Coaching & development brings together a group of leaders to participate in a 2hr structured, dynamic program facilitated by a co-development coach/facilitator with the infusion of positive psychology practice.

The team work collectively to creatively mentor and provide guidance on their chosen topic or issue.

Co-coaching development removes concerns of authority, enabling an open and honest reflection, sharing and advice giving to resolve identified topic or issue, and attain insight to what you bring to work through the project goal with the infusion of positive psychology practices.

To consolidate the learnings from the co-coaching development, follow up 1-2-1 coaching is advisable.

Clients of  Strengths base co-coaching development

  • corporations
  • medium sized business
  • micro-entrepreneurs
  • ladies in business

Please send us an email to discuss our co-development Strengths Based Co-Coaching Development programs.